Tutorial of installing and using BlockyTalky for a beginner


I’m interested to start using my brickpi with my kids, and I want to start with Blocky Talky because it seems that I can use it to program the rasp-pi remotely using a browser interface. I have a wifi usb dongle for the pi. I’m a total beginner with both rasp-pi and brickpi, and I’m not familiar with linux.
Can somebody describe to me the steps on how to start using the brickpi, installing blocky talky and using it? I had visited their website and github, can somebody explain to a complete beginner what the following means:

“To install the system, run ./build to install all dependencies. To start or restart the system, run sh start.sh from the blockytalky directory. To connect to BlockyTalky, point your browser at hostname.local:5000/blockly where hostname is the hostname of your Raspberry Pi.”

If I want to dedicate a laptop for this experiment without using my home wifi, how do I setup both the laptop and rasp-pi so that they can communicate via wifi directly without going through my router?

thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

Hey robi,
So right now, Tufts is still working to get the BlockyTalky system working. We’ve been working on it a bit, but I’m not sure they’re up and running yet. We’ll try to keep everyone posted about this as we move forward.

Any update on blockytalky installation procedure? Its github posted an update on installation procedure a few days ago. It appears that it can be set up from an image file, but I cannot find the image file. Can any one help? The link is below:


Hey Robi,
The Blockytalky team is fully up and running this summer at Tufts, so this project is very active. Since the software project is in beta, you will have to contact them directly. There are two ways to do this:

Through their Github repo. If you post a ticket, I’m sure they’ll contact you directly.

Through their website: http://lpc.cs.tufts.edu/blockytalky/