Ultrasonic sensor Gets hot

After Tinkering the C# library (Win10 iot), everything works.
Now I noticed that the IC on the ultrasonic sensor (behind the sensor marked with T) gets really hot!
The whole board is hot and the sensor in front of the IC is also not touchable hot.

In code, when I get the distance get a variation of 684 and 685.

the code (see below) does work, after I let the IC cool down.

Is there any solution to this heat issue? How can we avoid this? Is there any heatsink to cool the IC?

To calculate the distance, I write the command to the i2c bus, followed by 2 reads of the i2c bus:

 public int MeasureInCentimeters() {
        var buffer = new[] { (byte)Commands.UltraSonic, (byte)_pin, Constants.Unused, Constants.Unused };
            var b1 = _device.ReadByte();
            var b2 = _device.ReadByte();
            var result = b1 * 256 + b2;
            return result;
        catch (Exception)
            return -1;


Thanks in advance

I have tested with Raspberrian, using the basic_test_all.py, using the U command.

All I get is a variation of 684 and 685…

We have just ordered the Classroom package, and we would like to make sure that the electronic in the kits are functional and not overheating.

I would like any feedback to this issue…

Kind regards


Hi @anton.kirschhock,

Can you tell us to which port are you connecting the ultrasonic sensor to and also also share some pictures of the GoPiGo board and the sensor.

Can you also follow this guide, generate a test log and post it with your reply.


Hello @Shoban

I use the adviced analog A1 port.

Concerning the logs, one of the motor wires are snapped off. The broken wire looks like metal fatigue to me (see fotos).

Have you any tips for that aswel?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @anton.kirschhock,

Can you post the test log.txt that was generated on running the troublshooting script, it will give us more scope to understand the issue better.


Hi @Shoban
See attachment for logs.

the script is not really dynamic, concerning paths and seems not work 100%, as for example wiringPi is indeed installed (when I enter sudo apt-get install wiringpi it says I allready have the latest version).

Maybe it has to do with the latest version of Raspberrian?

Kind regards


log.txt (11.4 KB)

Hi @anton.kirschhock,

Can you try out the tests on our image, GoPiGo works best on our image and I would encourage you to try out our Raspbian for Robots Image. You can install our Image onto the SD card following the tutorial here.

Please try out your ultrasonic code and the troubleshooting script on our image and tell us if that helps.


@anton.kirschhock: coming back to the motor wires snapping off, how did it happen. Did it accidentally snap or did it just wear down and came out after prolonged usage.

Guess wear and tear of reassembly (for a guide I had to make for our course). But got that fixed with another motor, which I had. It is the ultrasonic sensor which I am more worried about, as these motors are commonly used in robotic kits :slight_smile:

@anton.kirschhock: do you only have 1 ultrasonic sensor or do you have another one that you could try. And can you try out the Raspiab for Robots image that @Shoban has suggested above.

Don’t have an extra ultrasonic sensor. I am currently locating one in the EU to avoid import costs.

Ill try the custom OS you guys provided tommorow, when I find some time.

kind regards