Unable to connect BrickPi3 to PC

I’m following the instructions, but when I go to the dexter.local page it just says the site can’t be reached. The pi is connected directly to my computer with ethernet and the two ethernet lights turn on. Does anyone know how I can fix this?


Did you type “dex.local” or “dexter.local”?
And you tried the also?

Try typing arp -a on your Windows system and perhaps you will see the address assigned to the brickpi in the list. (Difficult because there will be other systems listed also.)


I tried all 3 of those, but none of them worked.

There’s 9 addresses listed there, what should I do with them?


With the Raspberry Pi turned off and disconnected, issue the arp -a command and

then again with the RPi connected and booted up. There should be one new address in the list - should be your BrickPi.


It seems like the only address that is different is but when I try to connect to it it still says that the site can’t be reached.


Let’s back up a little so I can understand more about your configuration.

What OS did you load onto the SD card?

What Raspberry Pi is it?

How are you powering the unit?

If you boot without an Ethernet cable attached, does a WiFi access point appear at


It’s the default OS that came with the SD card which should be Raspbian for Robots. This is running on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. I’m powering it through the AC adapter connected to the BrickPi.

How would I check that?


Others have had success by creating a card with Legacy Pi OS then bringing down the BrickPi3 software:

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if I’m understanding right, you are simply trying to get your computer to talk to the Raspberry Pi via the Ethernet cable?

This can be tricky at best. If possible, I would recommend that you plug in the Raspberry Pi directly into your router, and figure out the IP address through your router. But if that’s not possible, we’ll have to dig deeper.

  1. What computer do you have? Windows or Mac? If Windows, which version ?
  2. if it’s not Win11, you’ll likely need to install a tool called ‘bonjour’. This tool will simplify the connection.

We never used that IP for the BrickPi. is strictly for GoPiGo OS.