Unable to find store to buy BrickPi 3

Hi, I want to buy BrickPi 3 which has a ON/OFF switch onboard (picture attached) but I am unable to find it online or on Dexter Industries store. It seems like its only available in the form of kits which are very expensive. When I checked the picture of BrickPi3 Core available online, it says something like v2.7 or v2.6 on board, and it does not have ON/OFF switch. Can someone help me in directing to a store or link from where I can buy BrickPi 3 which looks like the picture attached.
brickPi 3

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You are right, the photo shows an older brickpi.
But this here: BrickPi Core – Modular Robotics
or here: Dexter Robots Store - Dexter Industries
is the newest brickPi (don’t trust the photo), with the on/off switch.