Unable to ping dex.local Grove Pi

Using Grove Pi kit and everything seems to be correct as far as putting hardware together. SD card has Raspbian for Robots on it (I’m assuming this since I followed the directions on how to do that) I’m connected via ethernet cable on my mac and it does give me an IP address in my network settings. When I try to ping in terminal it says unknown host, cannot resolve. When I go to browser and type dex.local nothing comes up. I am totally new to all of this and stuck. Thanks for reading.

Hi @fruiz1015,

Usually this would work, yet there may be something with the image on the SD card.

Could you download the following image and try reburning it on the SD card? By the way, please use etcher.io utility tool for burning. Here’s the Raspbian For Robots image:

Doing this may fix your issue, if not, then it means something else is to be blamed.

Thank you!