Updated Image for BrickPi 2014.06.05

Changes to BrickPi Image

We made a few updates. The new version of Scratch runs much smoother. We chased down a lot of bugs in the Python and Scratch modules.


  • Performed sudo update / sudo upgrade for latest additions.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled BrickPi.py. Improvements on Ultrasonic and Touch issues.
  • Installed entirely new Scratch Python script with updates to BrickPiscratch.py
  • git pull origin’ed:
    • BrickPi_Scratch
    • BrickPi_Python
    • GrovePi
    • Arduberry
    • BrickPi_C
    • BrickPi
  • Added shorcut start for Scratch to desktop
  • Added root terminal to desktop
  • Removed leftover wifi settings
  • Removed warning at VNC/Desktop startup LXPolKit Authentication Agent disabled.
  • Updated “Version” file on desktop

MD5 Hash: 25485dd0552e4c0050e5a8f87d73dd1b

seems the link on your webpage to the ‘latest image’ is not up to date? http://sourceforge.net/projects/dexterindustriesraspbianflavor/ points to 20140120 …?

the google docs link points to 20140730 so I’ll use that ok?

Yep, please use the latest! We’ve since updated the image again.

Hi, I flubbed the BrickPi SD card I just bought from DexterIndustries and management was kind enough to send me a replacement via Amazon store. The new SD card is marked 2014.03. Can I just update it with the latest version linked above?

I just discovered that my 2013 iMac has a SD card slot. Can I just use that to update the BrickPi SC card. Making certain that I don’t overwrite the iMac Mac OS X v.10.8.5 ?

Thank you!

Yes, indeed, you’ll want to update the image. If you’re using a Mac, this might help:

Hey raspAT, sorry to hear about your troubles. I’m a little confused though.

  • You bought a BrickPi.
  • Did you buy a Dexter Industries SD Card? Or are you trying to burn one to an SD card you bought from Amazon?
  • And you said this is your second Raspberry Pi . . . did you buy a Raspberry Pi from us that’s not working?

Sorry, this post was really confusing. We’d like to help, but we just need more information. Maybe we can start with the SD card . . . . can you clarify what you’re starting with?

Note, I moved this conversation over to a new thread since it wasn’t relevant to the topic: