Upgrade to Raspbian Stretch (Debian 9)?

is it recommended and safe to upgrade to Raspbian Stretch (Debian 9) to work with BP3 drivers?

Well that’s a stretch…
Puns aside you’ll have to wait for Raspbain to switch. However if you are super excited for the cool new features you can have fun doing a little hacking and running Debian (The real thing) on the Raspberry Pi. Here’s the debian wiki page: https://wiki.debian.org/RaspberryPi

If you have the RPI3 you can just use the unofficial, unsupported image: https://wiki.debian.org/RaspberryPi3

Have fun! :smiley:

I don’t think any of us have tried yet. I’m currently exploring Stretch as it is. I haven’t tried yet with any of the robots

did you misunderstand me? Raspbian Stretch is already the official current version of Raspbian for the Pi:

Nonetheless, there actually seem to be some severe issues indeed about backwards-compatibility to packages which worked for Jessie very well (e.g., ethernet, Wifi, samba, openvg, opencv,…)

Didn’t k ow it was released! I thought you meant somehow manually force update it.

My advice would be to get another SD card if you have one and just see if it works. Meaning the stuff like opencv works.

I’m taking my first look at Stretch and I can’t figure out how to set wifi up. We’re off to a bad start here…

of course my SD card is fine, but there have been reported many installation issues meanwhile at https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/index.php concerning installation of packages to Stretch which once worked fine to Jessie (opencv 3.3 hangs up at 82% installation procedure, CV4 driver broken, openvg has libpng library conflicts which makes the installation abort prematurely, Stretch MAC address management messes up samba and ethernet management, and many more…). So IMO it’s probably a good idea for the Dexter devs to check up the brickPi compatibility to Stretch too, both for the installation guide, for the Linux dist-upgrade, for the FW, for the drivers, for C++ (gcc 6.3, no longer 4.8), and for Python.

Hi @HaWe,

We definitely don’t want to rush things out.
We want to see Stretch being bug-fixed before we jump on the Stretch-train.

At the moment, there are compatibility issues between the pure Jessie and Stretch.
For instance, just like on any new iOS that’s released, the user is recommended to go with the update after the bugs are fixed.

So, Stretch was released and that’s a really great thing to happen. But we need to cautious as Stretch isn’t mature yet.

Thank you!