User re-spin of Raspbian for Robots?


  1. A newly released version of Raspbian Buster, (Now called Raspberry Pi OS), version 2020-08-20 that has significant fixes and upgrades, especially for the Pi-4.

  2. I already know about the “curl [such-and-so]” method of installing the Dexter tool-chain.

  3. I would like the experiments I am doing to be a portable between versions of Raspbian for Robots as possible. This way if I have a problem here, I can check it with the version over there and see if it’s version specific.

Is it possible to “re-spin” a custom Raspbian for Robots? The idea is for it to be as identical as possible to other, pre-existing, R4R spins as possible: Desktop, installed apps and features, tool-chain, the works!


If this is not possible due to whatever legal restriction, would you folks please consider spinning a R4R from the latest image? There are significant enhancements and upgrades to make the Pi-4 user’s life easier.

It is also possible for you to do the official PiOS upgrade from Buster, so doing that upgrade to the Buster R4R May get it for you.

Also don’t forget to send your request to, and to put an “issue” on the R4R github.

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I found this on the Raspberry Pi web site:


  • Raspbian “Buster” and Raspberry Pi O/S are one and the same.
  • Apparently you can go from whatever version of the “Buster” release you have to whatever the latest release is by simply doing a full-upgrade.
  • They get really pissy when you call their Raspbian releases “Buster”, (or “Jessie” or “stretch”, etc.)
  • They also get pissy if you substitute “Raspbian” for “Raspberry Pi O/S” and vice versa. Fair warning.
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Sure are a lot of those “get really pissy” (fast) people, aren’t there. I’m too tired of pissy people to get pissed at much of anything these days.

Raspbian this or that was confusing because it had a life beyond Raspberry Pi as a platform.

Raspberry Pi Desktop (Raspbian for Intel with a desktop manager that matched Raspbian for Raspberry Pi) always confused me because Raspbian on Raspberry Pi had a desktop, and lots of people were talking about (or pretending they were) using a Raspberry Pi as a desktop computer.

So Raspberry Pi OS works just fine with me for that thing we are going to run on a Raspberry Pi.

But my Intel laptop that is running Raspberry Pi Desktop seems like it might be a bastard now.

And all that doesn’t match the confusion that DI made on their SourceForge “Raspbian For Robots” page that had DexterOS, but not “will the real Raspbian For Robots please stand up” - Last they reported after the ModRobotics purchase, they lost the password to that site, but they still have lots of messed up web links pointing folks there. Talk about confusing.

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Ref: Dexter’s Source Forge fuster-cluck, (oops! “web page”)

I discovered that myself.

Though it seems like they (Dexter/ModRobotics), should be able to “recover” a lost password. Or maybe it was “conveniently” lost after the modular robotics takeover?

Not to mention that the links on Source Forge for the R4R software are all dead links.

There used to be a page that had active links to all their software, including previous versions, that you could download. Don’t know where that went.