Using BrickPi3 with Jetson TX2



Hi Team,
has anyone ever tried (and been successful) at wiring the brickpi3 to the jetson TX2 dev kit board? I’d love it if that could be doable as it’s significantly faster than the pi, more flexible for what I need to do (ai related tasks requiring GPU)… would love to hear from whomever would have experimented with this. I’ve seen a thread on the GoPiGo, but that would have been I2C I believe, and not SPI like my understanding is of brickpi3. I haven’t done deep research yet but I’m trying to understand how to do that.

Thanks for any insights!


Hi @omartin2010,

We don’t support the Jetson TX2 and we don’t have much experience with it, but we can leave this thread open in case someone wants to contribute.

Thank you!