Using Lego mindstorms sound sensor

I want to use the Lego mindstorms sound sensor for logging data in dBA. Anyone who knows how to do that with python? I can’t find the sensortype for the sound sensor.

Hello svenar,
I don’t think we have any specific examples for the sound sensor. However, I think it’s an analog sensor and you can get relative readings using the python example



I have seen that example. But the sound sensor has two diffgerent modes: dB and DBA. dBA is a weighting filter (see and I don’t think the general analog reading take care of this? In the LabViEW based software they are using sensor modes and sensor types . Going through the it looks like the Brick Pi is working quite different? If you don’t have any suggestions I can try to dive into it.


Hey Svein,

Sorry, we haven’t implemented supporting these functions for the BrickPi.