Using PivotPi with Scratch

I am preparing some activities for Primary School aged pupils introducing robotics using Scratch. I have purchased a Raspbian for Robotics SD card. As I would like to avoid the need to keep changing SD cards, I used the advice in the ReadMe file to install the script on one of my Raspbian cards using : sudo curl -kL dexter | bash. Unfortunately, the example file does not work in Scratch neither does the PivotPi Control Panel. I have tried updating twice without success. Any advice?

Hi @ptrgking,

Could you show us what example file you’re trying to use?

Thank you!

Hello @ptrgking

Also I’m not entirely sure I’m following what you’re attempting to do.
You have purchased the Raspbian for Robots card, but you’re attempting to install PivotPi on a non-raspbian for robot card? Am I understanding properly?


Hi @ptrgking, unfortunately those features (Scratch and the Control Panel) are not designed to work outside of Raspbian for Robots. If you want to use Scratch you’ll need to us Raspbian for Robots. Sorry about that!