Wall power + battery pack at the same time?

If I have only the 2.5A battery pack connected to my Raspberry Pi 2, it doesn’t power the motors or sensors on the BrickPi. If I have only the external battery pack (8x AA batteries) connected to the BrickPi, I noticed that does power on the Pi, but I don’t want to run the batteries down while I’m developing.

Is it safe to have the external battery pack connected to the BrickPi at the same time as I have the 2.5A external power supply connected to the Pi?

I figure it probably is (otherwise, how would I develop for this without always running down the batteries?), but I wanted to make sure so that I don’t fry this tiny thing!

It’s safe to have both connected. We recommend that you power the Pi for programming with a wall socket, 2A power adapter over USB. You can cnnect and disconnect the 8xAA battery pack as you like, it should not harm anything.

HOWEVER: don’t run the motors on this. If you want to run some sensors, great. Don’t run the motors or you risk damaging the Pi, the BrickPi, and your motors.

“It’s safe to have both connected … HOWEVER: don’t run the motors on this” - meaning I should not have both the power adapter and the battery pack connected at the same time if I’m going to use motors; I should only have the battery pack connected?

Just making absolutely sure; don’t want to fry anything!

No, not quite. How about this: power the Pi any way you want to while programming. However, if you’re going to use the motors, please be sure to have the battery connected. If you want to connect both the battery and the USB together at the same time, go crazy. Just make sure the battery is there if you’re using the motors!

Okay, that makes a whole lot more sense. Thank you very much!

Is there a wall power adapter you’d recommend that works with BrickPi, if I don’t want to have to worry about batteries?

So we don’t have such a thing, but it’s something we can look to find for the future. We’re sort of having a parallel conversation here:


How about this? 12 Volt Power Supply - 9 Amp Standard (12V 9A DC) Adapter