Want to Purchase Nut Drivers

I want to purchase nut drivers to help my students assemble the GoPiGo robot. Can you tell me what size the hex nuts are and if they’re metric or standard?

GoPiGo3 user here, not DI:

The nuts are 5/16 inch, the standoffs are 3/16 inch, BUT nut drivers may pose a danger to the GoPiGo3 acrylic chassis in the hands of over-aggressive tighteners.

I would expect you need to have spare chassis parts available. DI used to offer just the acrylic chassis parts in a variety of colors, but the website now seems to only offer the “GoPiGo3 Clear Parts Kit” which has the two chassis parts but also a complete hardware set.

Suggest that you pop a note to support@modrobotics.com to ask what they can offer.

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