Warning: screw head size and RPi B+

I strongly advise checking the size of the screw-heads used to attach the RPi to the hex-standoff posts.The screws I received with the BrickPi B+ case (the ones with a built in flange) are too big for the spaces on the B+ (and probably the A+), enough that screwing them in will damage components in two of the four possible locations. Both of the problem locations are on the same side of the B+ (the HDMI side), so there is no safe way to attach the Pi to the case because neither diagonal is viable.

I solved the problem with a set of metal hex-standoff posts from Radio Shack. The stand-offs are of a useless size for the BrickPi, but the screws that come with the set are perfect, and the set was cheap enough.

Attached is a picture of the problem screws.

P.S. In addition to slimmer screws, it would be nice if the cases came with four hex stand-offs.

Hey Bret, thanks for pointing this out and bringing it to our attention. Can you post a picture of the hex standoffs? If you have a picture of the problem installation as it was, can you post that as well?

We tried the old case with the B+ and had no problems. THe screws were tight, but there was a combination we found that worked (which you can see here http://www.dexterindustries.com/BrickPi/getting-started/basics/raspberry-pi-model-b-brickpi/ ) that didn’t cause any connections with components.

Anyways, thank you very much for the feedback on this.

Sure. Lets see if this works.


I had a similar issue with the screws that came with the BrickPi case. Luckily I had some screws that were a little bit smaller, so I used those instead. It touches the components slightly, but not enough to damange anything.

I also ended up drilling different holes to make the B+ work with the stock BrickPi acrylic case.

These are the screws I used instead. 25 cents per screw is steep, but what can you do?

Luckily I didn’t have to go buy screws. I had lots of PC case screws lying around and found one that worked for me.

Good point. Actually, I didn’t go out looking for screws, I went out looking for 2 additional standoffs of the same height as the two supplied with the BrickPi (are they 8mm?). I didn’t find the right standoffs (and still wonder why the BrickPi only comes with two) but the set I linked to above came with eight matching screws, something my drawer of computer screws did not have.

is it possible i got a non-brickpi b+ case with a raspberry pi b+ ? the bottom screws can’t match raspberry pi b+ screw holes at all and the screws are to big for the raspberry pi

I had similar issue and fixed it pretty easily. I took a small drill bit that was slightly larger than the hole and manually turned it a dozen times. That was enough to make the hole big enough for the screws.