What is the default timeout value set to?

I am progressing with my robot, for ease I am controlling it from my iPad using raspiconnect.

I have got a button for each direction plus stop.
When I press forward the robot moves forward for a short period and then stops.

I have not expicitly set the timeout and looking at BrickPI.h it is set to zero.

So my questions are, if I do not explicitly set the timeout what is the default value?
I thought I had read somewhere that a value of zero ignores the timeout, is this correct?

I am going to call the set timeout function and see if this solves my problem, but would like to understand the design.



Hey Steve,
I think the default timeout is 250 ms. It’s defined in “BrickPiFW_Compressed_Communication” on line 150.
Hopefully that helps?

Cheers, found it on line 191.

Turns out the BrickPI timeout was not my problem, in the raspiconnect server if an invalid message was received from my iPad i had added a call to stop the motors and that is what was causing it to stop!

I am almost ready to post my project, just got to prove that I can calibrate my compass sensor and then I have finished, well finished the first iteration that is.


Steve Gale