Why I Chose BrickPi, Plus Feedback and Suggestions

First let me say this is a long story, but I feel I must explain completely. This year I entered a nxt robot in the fair. The developement of the robot was going great, until I upgraded to fedora 24. I was programming it in nxc and I was unable to install nxc due to nxc being outdated. I had a problem. Days later I worked around it, but time was running out. Then on the day of the fair I was still working on it. I made good progress but it wasn’t complete. Then finally it was complete! And then It wasn’t, ten minutes before I had to leave it wasn’t working. I was stressed out. I did get it working, and It did work at judgin,and then I made it to state. Then something went wrong, majorly wrong, the smart brick started to malfunction. I was not getting reliable readings from the touch sensor, a vital part of the robot. The robot would sometimes work, then sometimes not. I had no debugging tools because it was a lego smart brick. I didn’t work at the state fair. :frowning: It was at that time I decided I was done, with the nxt. I couldn’t program it with nxc very easily, and I had no debugging tools if something went wrong. Now recently I decided to get BrickPi, and I am excited to build something that it will enable me to do, build my dream robot, a self driving car. Oh yes in case your wondering I found it in a ad if your reading this Dexter Ind. With BrickPi I can program in my favorite language, python. Change any faulty code or issue a bug report if something goes wrong with the drivers. Yes the BrickPi solves all my problems, well not all. :smiley:


If you were wondering it was a scanner. It would scan a image with the light sensor and display it on the screen…


Hi @graykevinb,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and choosing BrickPi. Glad that BrickPi has helped you and we will be very happy to answer you if you have any questions or doubts in future. Your project idea looks awesome, if you have done one, do you have a video of it?. If you are in the process reach out to us for any help.

Wish you good luck!

Ok, I will. I just built my first decent BrickPi robot.

Thanks @graykevinb .