Why Pi4 on GoPiGo3?

Why Pi4?

Perhaps Charlie needs a sister:

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I have discovered that it is difficult to get certain development environments (like VS Code), to work on the Pi-3 without excessive heating and a corresponding hit on speed.

“Excessive heating” = hot enough for me to smell that it’s overheating.
“Hit on speed” = Taking more than four or five minutes to update a web-page, for example.

Of course, I could add active heating to the Pi-3 on Charlie, but if I do that I’m right back to the spacing issue with that large capacitor. Ergo, if I’m going to go that route, I might as well put the Pi-4 back on that already has the active cooling

Are you sure that a laptop development environment with remote execution is not available?

It seems like laptops and desktops are much better for graphic interfaces, editing and code management. I believe there are folks that have set up PyCharm for desktop development with automatic code sync and control of remote execution, even single stepping and breakpoints.

I think @cleoqc mentioned that she also uses VS Code, but I don’t recall her mentioning it was slow. Perhaps she has some advice for you.

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No, I’m not sure.

I just don’t know how to do it, run code on the Pi, and get the console messages.

Here is one I found using PyCharm: https://www.gowrishankarnath.com/remote-programming-of-raspberry-pi-using-pycharm.html

(Disclaimer: I tried PyCharm on my work Windows laptop and subsequently decided I do “OK” with ssh and a console editor.)

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Looking at that post, I decided I do better with two tin cups and a string. . .

Doing the dev directly on the Pi, using a large TV/HDMI monitor, is way easier if I can get the speed up.  I’m trying to find where they put the big capacitor on the new version so I can move mine there.

I use VS Code on my laptop with SFTP that keeps my files synced on the Pi, and a terminal (still within VSCode ) that is remote logged into the Pi.

Works like a charm for me


Any chance you could provide more details about how you accomplish this?

Does this also work with the built-in Git/GitHub features?

Serious thanks and appreciation!

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Pycharm also has remote development capabilities (edit, run, debug remote files), but you need the “Professional Edition” (not free).



Yep. . .

Good idea, but I’m trying to avoid non-free - I’d rather save my pennies to buy stuff for the 'bot!  :wink: