Wifi not connected


I have purchased brickpi many years ago and I have been stuck at setting wifi for ages… I have followed instruction and old wheezy I can get to the VCN screen but cannot find wifi setup, or in the terminal I can see wlan0 but it’s value is 0. I can see wifi dangle flashing and works on mac with EDUP driver though. So I have another SD card updated to the latest OS but I cannot access VCN screen or it says ‘This site cannot be reached’.
Could you tell me the best thing that I can get to the bnext step, please?


Hi @sting,

Okay, so I’m exactly sure whether you want to create an access point or you want to just connect to a router.

The 2nd thing that strange is why are you using an adapter? Are you somehow running this on a pre - Raspberry Pi 3 model that doesn’t have a built-in WiFi?

And do you actually need to run this on Wheezy? Is it possible to switch to Stretch for instance? Wheezy is so old and most likely it has bugs of all sorts.

Thank you!


Hi Robert,
Thanks for your reply.
It has been too long to even remember when but it’s one of the oldest BrickPi with raspberry pi probably 1 or 2, and original card didn’t work and I downloaded wheezy and Jesse, I finally opened it on VCN but then I cannot find wifi setting. So this BrickPi and raspberry pi is with wifi dangle. Probably it is too old for you to know about this…

Should I maybe get RaspberryPi3 to install to get BrickPi working?


Before committing to a new Raspberry Pi, I’d first try out the Stretch image (or ours for that matter - Raspbian For Robots) on that old Raspberry Pi and then decide for a Raspberry Pi 3. That’s my 2 cents.


Hi Robert,
Thanks for your advice, that sound reasonable (to fill my gap from ancient time to catch up to modern times…). I googled raspbian that you are mentioning about? https://howchoo.com/g/ndg2mtbmnmn/how-to-install-raspbian-stretch-on-the-raspberry-pi


Yeah that looks like an appropriate tutorial on flashing a Raspbian image on the SD card. Likewise, you can do the same with Raspbian For Robots image which can be found here:

Thank you!


Hi Robert,
Thanks for the advice.
I have flashed Raspbian image and it flashing like it’s working but I cannot connect ‘http://dex.local’ it says “This site can’t reached”. I have tried on Chrome as well as Safari but both the same, cannot reach. What can I do next?