Wifi Set-Up Help

Hey! I am having some issues setting up the wifi on my GoPiGo. I have the ethernet set up from my computer to the GoPiGo, and I am able to get on the VNC to see the Dexter Industries desktop. While on my VNC, I don’t have a button that says “Wifi Setup”. Therefore, I am unable to hook my robot to Wifi, so I am unable to drive the car without the cords.

I think you may have to first set up the country code for your wireless interface. To do that, I think you can follow this short tutorial:

Next, once you do that, reboot the Raspberry Pi and see if on the top right corner of the Raspberry Pi’s desktop (on VNC) you see a WiFi icon or something that resembles a network interface. Click on that if you see it and connect to your WiFi.

I think this should get you set up.