Windows IOT

Is there a plan or project to port BrixPi to Windows 10 Iot on rasperryPi ?

Not yet . . . anyone else interested in this project?

I would be!

+1 This would be very welcome.

It looks like GrovePi already has a port but not BrickPi :frowning:

I plan to start looking at this sometime in the new year. I wrote the original GrovePi for IoT

still anyone working on this or interested in an Windows 10 IoT implementation for BrickPi?

I know there may be some other implementations out there as well, but [shameless plug :)] I’d been working on a Universal Windows Platform implementation for BrickPi in a while, just published to Github now

so far tested with Mindstorms NXT 2.0 sensors only, working to implement additional Hitechnic sensors. Welcome and appreciate contributions :slight_smile: If anyone is interested to test with EV3 sensors, let me know.

I’m absolute happy to see this. Can’t wait to try it out. thanks

I’ve created a Nuget Package as well to make it even easier to get started, no need for Git repository clone and compiling the code first, just add the package and start writing your code :slight_smile: Nuget package from here:

If someone uses EV3 sensors and want to test, I’m happy to add but don’t have that hardware (sensors) to test myself.