Windows stack top left only


The dexter industries operating system image that comes packaged with GrovePi kits has this problem where all opened windows stack in the top left corner. Is it possible to make the windows draggable such that I can have terminal and file manager open at the same time in different areas of the desktop? Right now I have to close whatever is on top to get to whatever is underneath. Meanwhile, none of the windows are draggable or resizable. I don’t see an option to change this. It’s frustrating. Please advise.

hello @jwclark

You’re not the first one who had this weird issue but I can’t remember the way around it.

Can you tell me how you connect to the Pi?

  • Are you using VNC viewer? If so, are you on a Mac or a PC?
  • Are you using the browser at http://dex.local? With which browser?


Here’s the other thread that reported a similar issue

I’ve tried both:

VNC Viewer on a Mac
Direct connect with keyboard, mouse, hdmi

It gets worse without VNC viewer. The mouse cursor won’t even display. I’ve tried changing the resolution in raspi-config to no avail.

I will eventually try downloading one of your images, but it would be nice to fix this as I’m using it with a classroom of 15 students who are saving their work on SD cards that I will have to erase.

Hi @jwclark,

We have had some strange things happening with Wheezy in the past - like moving icons. So we have to ask you if the image you’re running is a Wheezy.
In order to find out what image you have, type in the following command in a terminal and then give us a screenshot or a copy-paste:

uname -a

Thank you!

uname -a reveals:

Linux dex 4.9.35-v7+ #1014 SMP Fri Jun 30 14:47:43 BST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

At this point, I’m going to use this image instead of the one that came packaged with the GrovePi kits: (1.5 GB):

It appears to not have the same problem.

Hi @jwclark,

I think you have been using the Wheezy image, which by todays “standards” is super old.

The link to the image you provided is that one that has to be used. That is, the version that last came out in 2017.

Thank you!