Wrong connection

Hi there,
I’m new to Pi & BrickPi, I was having networking issues to setup the board, when I finally manage to connect the boards I ran to test with lego motors that where installed in a lego robot with NXT Brain and everything else - I end up mistakenly connecting two of the BrickPi motor ports to the NXT BRAIN, instead of the motors :frowning:
Now, the two ports are not working. I’ve tested the other two ports and they are working fine. Any ideas of how to fix them (if there is a fix)?

Hey Alex, yes, there’s a relatively easy solution. You’ve just got to replace the motor chip that was affected; I think that should be the only part that got fried. The motor chip is a Texas Instrument chip, the part numbers are listed on this thread:


Hope the replacement goes easily!

Hi Adm,
i’ve just recieved the chip.
I’ve noticed that BrickPi has two of this chips. Which one should I replace?
The ports that are not working are A and B.
Thanks again,

Hey Alexandre, you’ll need to replace the the chip that’s on the side of those two ports. If you’re replacing A&B’s chip, I’ve circled the chip you’ll need to replace in red on the attached diagram.

Also helpful:

  • Disconnect all power from the BrickPi before doing this.
  • If you have wire cutters or snips, cut the motor chip out before you add a new one, and then heat up each of the pins to remove the remaining pins.
  • If you have a desoldering pump or wick, use it to remove the solder from around the pins before you try to put the new one in.