Your website is having Issues... Like randomly going offline kinda issues


Hey Dexter Industries I wanted to let you know that your website is having major issues. It was first saying something about connection error. (On your website not the browser error message) Then it would work and when I tried to reply it said there was an error. I then replied by email and it went through? I also messaged myself immediately afterwards to see if replying on your website worked, and it did.

Oh and writing this I got internal 500 server error.

And you need to improve the error messages. They are lame. :slight_smile: Come on even the scratch website has jokes in there erross. Google has a Dino game. You got internal server error.
I say this half seriously.

I was able to post this the next day.


Thanks for letting us know. I haven’t noticed any error myself but I may not have been on at the same time.
Did you noticed those errors on the forum, or on the main website?


I was only on the forums. So not sure if it affected the main website. Also when I came in the next day to post this It was saved on the website.


I will bring the issue up with our forums hosting group, I’m really sorry about this. We have noticed it has hiccups for different geographical locations. I will ask about it.


Ok. Sounds Good! It it helps my geographic location is telling Midwest.