A cool new OS I found for the BrickPi

Hey guys I was surfing the web and found this operating system called Raspoid. It then let’s you program the BrickPi with Java. It also has support for non lego sensors too. It doesn’t work I don’t think with the BrickPi3. :frowning:

I’m not apart of the development or anything or haven’t used it. I just thought it looked like a cool and different way to use the BrickPi.

yes, looks nice, nonetheless the “non lego sensors” are just about common i2c or UART sensors or whatever, directly plugged to arbitrary GPIO pins. I don’t see support of Lego-compatibe 3rd party sensors or even for EV3-sensors (please CMIIW).
But common GPIO sensors can be easily controlled by C(++) directly as well, I am using wiringPi and partially pigpio for that purpose There are thousands of code sources and API libs to industry standard sensors available (light, color, humidity, temperature, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, GPS, RTC, ultrasonic, infrared, rotation speed, sensor multiplexers, admittedly more challenging for USB- or PiCam or sound modules…)., and eventually C++ is quite similar to Java by it’s OOP architecture - just easier (including and providing also ANSI C syntax) - and faster :wink:

Hi @graykevinb,

It seems like a simple and beautiful page that encompasses various implementation in Java for sensors and actuators.

The idea of a notification system for all mobile platforms is really nice and I feel like it’s starting to catch a lot of ground lately.

I’ll take a better look on it in the weekend I think.

Thank you!

Good points @HaWe and @RobertLucian.
I don’t like the fact that it uses Java.

oh, then I misunderstood you - at the 1st glance it sounded to me as if Java is just the thing which you appreciated most!
What are the points about raspoid then instead which are most precious in your opinion?