Comparison of O/S's for GoPiGo

I found a very interesting article that has an EXCELLENT chart that details the differences between the various operating systems that work with the GoPiGo.

@cleoqc has come through and produced this masterful table:



That answers questions I didn’t even know I needed to ask!

Thanks Hugely.

Jim “JR”

Really glad to hear this helped you a lot. That’s really awesome!

Thank you!

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I feel silly to ask this. Do you remember where you found it? I lost track of this table :frowning:

ETA: never mind, I found it. I was looking in the wrong places

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So where did you find it? I should have hyperlinked the original article instead of just stealing the chart from it.

Oh, I found my local version, I didn’t find it online. Was it ever posted online? I think I only posted it in a forum post somewher.

Here’s the original post

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