GoPiGo3 Voltage Thottling Discussion

I ran into this a few years ago. I discovered that I needed to wait between centering each servo. I first wrote the center servos method with no delay between the calls for the pan and tilt servos, but was seeing throttling so I had to introduce a short wait.


Merging this thread with the one I created.



I just had a brain-wave. . .
A belated brain-wave, but a brain-wave nonetheless.

@cyclicalobsessive, what media are you using for the operating system image(s) on your robots?

The 500GB SSD I’m running on a USB-3 port may be pulling more current than I anticipated.  It might be interesting to run it on a USB-2 port and see what happens since USB-3 can negotiate power draw, and the SSD might be asking for more juice on USB-3 than USB-2.

That’s an additional line of research that I don’t have time for right this instant, but it’s a good point to think about. . .

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sd card only. I’m filling about 11gb I think.


I recall some discussion about needing a powered hub for Anything more than a simple flash stick


. . . and I recall some discussion about not using a hub if you want to boot a USB device.  So I guess I’m stuck with using an external source direct to the Raspberry Pi to supply the extra power the SSD requires.

This is one of those cases where the battery having switched USB power would be convenient.  Hmm.  I have a small buck-converter board somewhere that I could use to create an additional 5v source from the 12v input - though I don’t remember how much current it can source.

Darn it!  Every time I turn around, something else interesting pops up.  I am probably going to be long dead before I even think about completing even half the things I want to do!
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