How to change the default python in Raspbian for Robots Buster?


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I am trying to run the same “stress test”, (build a wheel for wxPython 4.1.1), on Raspbian for Robots Buster, but ran into an ANNOYING problem:

The default Python in R4R is (gasp!) Python 2!

Trying to build a wheel-file for wxPython 4-dot-anything is doomed because it does not support Python 2 anymore.

This leads to the Musical Question:  (drum roll. . . . .)
How do I change the default Python while in R4R?

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I don’t think that is advisable.

When I was building the imu4gopigo3 packages I had to do:

* Remove any old package, and Compile the package
rm dist/*.whl
python3 bdist_wheel

and for python2:

* Remove any old package, and Compile the package
sudo rm dist/*.whl
sudo python2.7 bdist_wheel

Perhaps the build script will need to specify python3 everywhere it just has python?