"Legacy Buster PiOS" plus "Legacy PiCamera" on Bullseye Announced

As if the choices for Raspberry Pi OS with GoPiGo3 were not currently in motion, the Raspberry Pi folks have attempted to make things better by publishing a “Legacy PiOS” based on Buster, and also fixing the “picamera missing on bullseye” issue by issuing a “Legacy PiCamera For Bullseye” package.

I believe at this moment the “Official OS for GoPiGo3” is GoPiGo3 OS v3.0.1.

  • My biggest issue with this OS is that it does not allow headless network pre-configuration,
  • Further @Jimrh reported that users should not attempt to update the OS

Update: I tested the “Install GoPiGo3 Software over the just announced Legacy Buster based PiOS” path - Success. See reply.


Tested: Success with some caveats

  • Must run an example with python3 or the Desktop Calibrate app to get ~/Dexter/gpg3_config.json written
  • Remote Camera Robot did not quit after control-C. Had to kill from separate terminal
  • Grove Ultrasonic Sensor “sings” while the DI Distance Sensor is running

Headless Setup GoPiGo3 Over Legacy PiOS

(with VNC Configuration For MacOS Remote Desktop)

Updated: 30 Dec 2021 - added InterfaceOptions->i2c enable
Update: 24 Dec 2021 - Set Audio Output to Headphones

Setup_GoPiGo3_Over_PiOS_Legacy_2021_12_30.txt (6.5 KB)