New setup, Pi not creating a wifi network

Everything about our system seems to be running properly however it’s not creating a wifi network. What tools are there to configure or troubleshoot this? thanks

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What steps did you take to find the GoPiGo network?

There is nothing to configure. Scan for the GoPiGo WiFi network from your laptop or desktop that has WiFi, connect to GoPiGo network. Open browser and enter dex.local or try

Disclaimer - I’m working from memory and not DI, just a user.

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We are looking for GoPiGo network from several laptops but have never seen it.

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What’s not clear to me with the dexter image is how the pi can be configured to see my home wifi network (a step we successfully did in the setup), and also simultaneously configured as a wifi access point. Were we not supposed to do the first step of connecting to the home wifi? Also, why can’t we just program the robot through the home Wifi if we’re only ever going to program the robot at home?

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Sounds like you have booted Raspian For Robots, not DexterOS.

DexterOS creates a WiFi access point and cannot join an existing accesspoint ( your router).

R4R (what I run on my GoPiGo3) needs to be configured to join your existing wifi net, and you either assign it a reserved IP, or you have to figure out what your router gave it each time (usually the same IP but not necessarily).

If you don’t have access to your router admin, you can type
arp -a
on your laptop and look for a new IP

Then put that ip into a browser to loginto your GoPiGo.

you can also remote shell into your bot if you configured ssh
ssh pi@x.x.x.x
password robot1234 unless you channged it like you should do immediately.

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This is super helpful, cyclical! We burned images a couple of times and I lost track of which one we burned most recently, so when I see “Dexter Industries” on the desktop background, that made me conclude we were running the Dexter OS. What’s the easiest definitive way to identify our OS distro? uname -a? Thanks!

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I figured it out, with your assistance, i was running Raspbian for Robots. Everything’s working now. Thanks.