[Raspbian for Robots] Setting up BrickPi3 Network

Hello all, I just received everything for my brickpi3. I have assembled everything and plugged it in, all power lights are working properly. When I try to do
ping pi@dex.local

from terminal, I get ping: cannot resolve pi@dex.local: Unknown host

I have a completely fresh image of raspbian for robots. I don’t have access to ethernet - will I need this for the setup? I didn’t think so based on what I’d seen so far, but maybe I need a keyboard and a monitor to enable SSH on the raspberry pi 3 model b.

My home wifi network has a password. Is this needed to connect or something?

Let me know!


Hey @ajavdk, looking at your resources, your best bet is to do one of the following:

  1. If you can, setup via ethernet. You can connect directly between your computer and the BrickPi3 over ethernet, login, and setup your Wifi credentials on your Raspberry Pi (adding your password and network name in the desktop).
  2. Probably just as easy: connect a monitor and keyboard to your Pi, power up the Pi, and then add in your wifi information in the Desktop.

After you connect your Raspberry Pi to your local network, you should be able to ping it from other computers that are on the same Wifi network.

I downloaded Cinch - This should give me a “dex” network right away yes? It does not. I don’t have access to a keyboard either as of right now…

So one challenge with using Cinch: it will only work with a Dexter Industries Wifi Dongle. Unless you have one in place it will not setup a network. If you don’t have a Dexter Industries wifi dongle, you will need to find a keyboard and get the BrickPi3 on your wifi network.

I have a keyboard, screen, and mouse now. Suggestions? Should I go back to raspbian for robots? When I logged in before it wasn’t able to find or see the WLAN card

For me this worked:

Put the SD card back into your PC and open it.
Next open the file etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

In this file add these lines:

network = {
ssid = "Put name of your wifi"
psk = “Put your Password”

Save and close. Put back the SD card in your PI.

source: www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/wireless/wireless-cli.md

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@jaccoprovoost I have access to the GUI now - when I open up the GUI for connecting to wifi, I don’t get anything from WPA_SUPPLICANT and when I check what kind of internet devices are connected to the board it doesn’t see the wifi card.