Research re-Proves Robots Are Hard

Lest anyone get frustrated with their robot, keep in mind what this senior vice president at Toyota Research Institute said:

“You hear from 1,000 people that you know, home robots are really hard, but then you feel like you have to try for yourself and then you like, really, you make all the same mistakes that they did.

I think I’m probably just as guilty as everybody else. It’s like, now our GPUs are better. Oh, we got machine learning and now you know we can do this. Oh, okay, maybe that was harder than we thought.“

…and my robot Carl doesn’t even have a GPU!


But you’ve done so much with Carl! Yeah, it was hard, and it didn’t always work on your first attempt, but wow, you pushed the platform way beyond what we ever thought anyone would!

Major kudos for doing hard things!


Amen to that.

@cyclicalobsessive I’ve been distracted with some other projects, but still plan to try ROS2 on Finmark using your work as the basis.