[SOLVED] New Dexter IMU and BrickPi 3 - Python Ready? Cables?

Hi Dexter Industries,
I am thrilled with the new IMU.

I was a big fan of the IMU for NXT and am glad to see that capability migrated to the new platform.

Do you have sample code yet for the IMU using Python?

Can you confirm that it can connect to BrickPi 3 standard device without an adapter cable?


A Python example program is included with the Python drivers. The IMU includes a Grove cable for connecting to a Grove I2C port (such as the one on the BrickPi3); no adapter cable required.

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Outstanding! Thanks, Matt.

I really appreciate the extra info.

All my best,


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@craig.shelden so glad to see you around after all these years! Thanks @Matt for your help answering this!

@ JohnC - Thanks, John, glad to be back… will see how much time I can spend on the new toys!

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