The New GoPiGo OS 3.0.0!

The first version of GoPiGo OS was posted on our website on Dec. 29, 2020. To download it for free and see all of the new features, please see our release notes:

GoPiGo OS v. 3.0.0

Thanks to the many of you who helped us test the beta version! Please contact us at with any questions, concerns or feedback.



Generous kudos to everyone at MR who lost sleep over this! :wink:

Any chance of:

  • Credits?
    Everyone knows Nicole worked like a dog to get this happening - but surely she wasn’t working in a vacuum? Who else at MR deserves kudos and heartfelt thanks for all this work?

  • Release notes.
    What’s changed? What’s improved? What issues might be remaining?
    Release notes are always a great idea!

Oops! My bad!
Silly me, I thought that was another direct download link.

Release notes are provided, and then some.

  • Checksums.
    It has become a standard convention to accompany a release with a checksum (SHA-1, SHA-256, or otherwise), so the person downloading the release file can satisfy themselves that it is a valid download and hasn’t been compromised.

Thanks again to everyone at Modular Robotics for all your hard work!

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Nicole really can take most of the credit for this! @cleoqc, would you like to post an acceptance speech?! :smiley: First, I’d like to thank my Mom and Dad, my agent…


When thing I noticed that was conspicuous by it’s absence was “upgrade instructions”.

As far as I know, the upgrade instructions from a prior version of DexterOS is “You can’t” - the jump in base version and functionality is just too far.

You might want to add a blurb to this indicating that it’s a total replacement for any earlier DexterOS release - re-flash and move your software over.

. . . my agent’s cat, the barista at the local Starbucks. . . :grinning:

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