Antenna light comes on intermittently at power-up

In using my power adapter set up (described in the post Hands on ROS Chapter 9), I’ve had several instances of the antenna light turning on- very bright white. When this happens it seems to take longer than usual for the power light to stop blinking green and turn a steady green. Once it does I can SSH and log in to the robot just fine. I found @cyclicalobsessive 's post Antenna WiFi Indicator Stop/Start. However it doesn’t directly address my issue - the antenna LED turn on as soon as I power up the GPG3 board, before the Raspberry Pi has even had time to finish booting. Granted, my adapter is somewhat improvised, but the barrel jack should be pretty much a pass-through. I went through the GoPiGo3 Documentation - there’s no mention of the light. I was just wondering if the antenna LED turning on white is supposed to be some kind of status/problem indicator? It’s not consistent, and has occurred both connected to my battery pack and to a 12V “wall wart”.

Nope, the antenna is never used for anything other than connection status.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen this particular behaviour before. I would have to double check the electronics to see what it could be.
Does it have the same behaviour if you use the regular battery pack without the LIDAR?

It had never happened before. I just tried again a number of times, and can’t recreate it. But then again I also tried again with the battery pack going through my adapter, and it also hasn’t happened again that way. But even yesterday it didn’t occur every time I powered up. And yesterday it’s after I’d been running things for a while, so maybe the components need to warm up for it to happen??? If it continues to occur I’ll try to determine the more specific circumstances.