Brickpi not responding


I just got new BrickPi3 from reseller. I mount it on Raspberry PI 3B+ as per instructions. I can boot the dexter raspbian image but after that it seems the BrickPi is not working at all.

I connected the power supply to the BrickPi connector. Green led on it is on. It supplies the Raspberry Pi too. I can connect to GoPiGo Wi-Fi. I can connect to the web page which say that my BrickPi is not connected. If I try to connect by ssh pi@dex.local with robots1234 I always get access denied.

The ports are using I2C I guess. Should the Brickpi be alive I would expect those ports to be powered at least but this is not the case.

I tried with ev3dev latest image also. Here I can run the python code but any time I try to use any Lego HW I get an exception that it is not connected.

Is there anything I can check before I send the BrickPi back to reseller for replacement?

Thanks for advice. GoPiGo!


I used DexterOS instead Raspbian for robots which was a mistake. So now I installed Rapsbian for robots and updated BrickPi firmware and it works just fine.


Hi @martin.srb,

Yeah! If you want to get a complete comparison between Raspbian For Robots and DexterOS, here are two topics that you can read:

Please let us know if there’s anything else that we can help you with.

Thank you!