Raspbian for Robots VS Cinch VS Jessie VS DexterOS



I have a GoPiGo2 which I’m trying to use. Unfortunaely the software installation instructions have me going in circles and I’m thorougly confused. What image is to be used with a GoPiGo2?

  • Do I use Raspbian for Robots ?
  • Do I use Cinch ?
  • Do I use Jessie ?
  • Do I use DexterOS ?

Are they all the same thing or extensions of one another?
2017.09.28_Dexter_Industries_CINCH 3.8gb
2017.09.28_Dexter_Industries_jessie 3.8gb
DexterOS-1.1.1-Final 3.8gb

The instruction page lists and links to all three ISOs, so i’m not sure what to use. The materials seem to refer changingly to Raspbian for Robots VS Cinch VS Jessie VS DexterOS.

Help would be much appreciated!

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Hi @TuringNYC,

I would have you take a look at the following post - this will explain all the differences between Raspbian For Robots and DexterOS, which are our 2 main products.

Apart from these 2, there is also Cinch, which is just a tailored Raspbian For Robots which transforms your robot into a moving access point to which you can connect with a laptop. The disadvantage of Cinch is that you don’t have access to the internet because of the obvious reasons.
Through a simple command, Cinch can be turned to a regular Raspbian For Robots and vice-versa.

Last but not least, Jessie is the Linux distro on which all these 3 products (Raspbian For Robots, DexterOS, Cinch) are built upon.

Hope this makes sense to you.
If there’s something still unclear, please tell us.

Thank you!

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I have the same exact question and I don’t believe that post helped that much.
I think a table needs to be made.
ROWS would contain Raspbian for Robots, DexterOS, Cinch, etc, etc
COLUMSN would contain features, options. Bloxter, OpenCV, gstream, sudo options, ssh abilities, etc, etc.

I am still unclear and will continue googling.


I have such a table already made. Let me see if I can find it


Here is a summary in table format of the major differences between the operating systems that our robots support.
Hope it helps.
This chart is valid for dexterOs 2.0 and up.

GoPiGo3 Power On Issues

I love it. Thanks a ton!

Gives a good idea of the capabilities of the OS(s) that are available to us.