[SOLVED] Raspberry Pi asks for password only for DexterOs; does not accept "raspberry"

When I bought the basic GoPiGo3 kit ($99), bought my own Raspberry Pi, created my own DexterOs SD image, everything worked fine, however. . .

When I bought the complete GoPiGo3 kit ($199), used Dexter’s Raspberry Pi and SD card preloaded with the DexterOs, it prompts me for a login and password.The usual “pi” and “raspberry” does not work. I tried with Raspbian for Robots and Cinch and it doesn’t ask for a password and I get to the desktop fine. When I create my own DexterOs SD card, it also prompts me for login and again it doesn’t accept “raspberry” for the password.


Hi @terryandunha,

DexterOS is a different product compared to Raspbian For Robots.

The first time you had created a "DexterOS" image wasn’t actually a DexterOS image, but a Raspbian For Robots image.

With Raspbian For Robots you:

  • Have a flavored Jessie OS that’s intended for our products.

  • Have full access over your Raspberry Pi.

  • Have your own scripts that do whatever you want.

  • Have the exact same experience as with a Linux OS.

With DexterOS you:

  • Have our proprietary OS for interfacing with our products.

  • It’s web-based: it means it can only be controlled with your browser through a web page.

  • It’s really great for kids and people who just start coding.

With DexterOS, you won’t be able to log in with SSH because this isn’t the way it was intended to be used.
With DexterOS, you are supposed to connect with a laptop to your GoPiGo via WiFi and the go to bloxter.com and toy with our interface.

For more information on DexterOS, please check the following page: https://www.dexterindustries.com/dexteros/

But if you want to be able to log in with the pi/robots1234 combination into your RaspberryPi, then you need to go with the Raspbian For Robots route.
Here’s a link: https://www.dexterindustries.com/raspberry-pi-robot-software/

Thank you!

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OK - thanks for the quick response!

Hi @terryandunha,

I’m glad this made things clear for you.

Thank you!